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New acoustic solo artist, Nate Wilkinson might have a new act and sound, but he has been playing and performing for most of his life. Born August 16th 1982, Nate picked up his first guitar at age 6, and has not put it down since. He is a well-rounded musician, who is proficient at almost every instrument, though drums are his passion. With influences like Craig Wallace, Chris Cornell, Warrel Dane, Myles Kennedy, and Lane Stayley, it’s no question where he got his unique, one of a kind sound. Nate started his first band at age 13, which was a punk rock band. His sound has evolved to a heavier mellow acoustic. However, being a very talented musician, Nate has been in bands from a wide spectrum of genera’s; such as, surf rock, alternative, funk, punk, metal, country, and hard rock. He is also an experienced singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and session musician. Nate started recording albums in 1997 with his band "Undecided” who produced the album “All through the summer days.”

In 2014 he put out a solo metal album that he wrote, performed, produced, and recorded himself, named "Epic Dizaster" releasing the album “See it through my eyes.” In 2017 his progressive metal band "Bloodshred" put out their 1st album “Hands full of chaos.” In 2018 Bloodshred was featured on the world-wide compilation called “El Bunker Del Metal,” album “Demolishing madness.” The highlight of Nate's music career was in 2014 when his solo act, “Epic Dizaster's” song "The people shout" played on main stream radio station X103.9. In 2019 Nate released his first single as a solo artist,  "Just For Today". Once again, he played every instrument, vocals, and wrote the music and lyrics for this song. Most of Nate's music comes from his personal experiences, however, "Just For Today" is about the most difficult, important, and courageous thing he has ever done; find sobriety. With this single he relates to the suffering caused by addiction and offers hope at the same time

The year 2020 has proven to be a big year for Nate's solo act. One week before his second single "Better Days" was released, it was already gaining some success; it will be featured on Devil den records spotify playlist, AnR factory wrote an article on him and his new single, Chaos music distribution will be adding it to a future compilation, a music video has been released, and it got a shout-out from "From the strait" it just goes to show hard work does pay off, and Nate's proven that, time an time again.

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